Dems outnumber GOP in monthly voter registration drive but NPA outnumber both

he Florida Democratic Party announced Friday that, for the seventh consecutive month, they have out-registered Republicans, including a 10-point advantage among Hispanics. But if you look a bit farther and compare the registration gains of both parties with the number of voters who register No Party Affiliation, there is no comparision. The NPAs win.

According to the Florida Department of State’s election’s data, Democrats clearly have been doing better in the last seven months than they did in the first part of the year, when their numbers dropped by 18,000 voters between December 2011 and March 2012. They have since reversed those losses and have now exceeded their December 2011 numbers and seen a net increase of 40,841 voters.

Of the 11.4 million registered voters in Florida, however, there has been a net increase of 247,300 new voters registered between December 2011 and July 2012. Of those, 52 percent — or 129,456 — are NPA. Another 16 percent are Democrats and 35 percent are Republican.

Republicans saw a surge in voter registration during the time of the presidential primary when their rolls increased by 40,000 voters. Their numbers dropped by just under 10,000 between February and March but have been steadily increasing since.

From the Democratic Party release:  … Read more  (TBT/Klas)

FLConnection/ Arnoldo Varona, Editor

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